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Believe in Love

Every Thursday Student Worship 7PM

110 West Normal Street, Kirksville, MO

Want to meet new people and experience Christian community?

COME! You were never meant to live this life alone...

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Faith. Love. Hope.

You are so, so loved.

Our hope is to help everyone know that they were made with intention, loved and kept close by God. That the epic life we are created to live, that we can only truly live when we are connected to the ones who love Him. To help us all realize that God always is drawing us to Himself and to each other at the same time. Whatever you believe, you desperately need people.. and you were meant to be clothed with love—with Jesus Christ, our God and savior.

All For Love Coffee Cup



Come join us on our fav night of the week as we share from the scriptures about God's love and so much more.  

It is amazing how God can take us from our isolated and separated lives, and bring us all together from so many places and beliefs—and make us a community . . . a tribe . . . a family.


You belong here.

Weekly on Thursday nights at 7pm @ the BSU 110 W. Normal

Small Groups

Find so many others like you—who are just trying to help a world know that why God stepped into our history in the person of Jesus Christ was because no one else loves us enough to come for us . . . so we can live.

We are for loving a world which means dealing with the big issues but also the intimate issues of the human heart. So we form small groups with student leaders—so we can actually deal with the issues of our hearts and move together as a whole to bring healing to others thru Jesus. 

We know we need Jesus—that is so true! And at the same time, God knows we desperately need people too! Connect with others in a community that is for you no matter where you are at in your journey.  

Risk being known and knowing others because going to the BSU won't change you. But becoming a part of a community . . . will.  


Hoping to be known by love . . .

Serving the students and campus of Truman. . . a campus that we so love! This has included cleaning a whole lot of dorm bathrooms, organizing panels among such a variety of religious and non-religious groups, and more . . . 

We need to believe in moving people from personal morality, past social justice and even past nobility and the do-good, feel-good giving moments . . . into a "they will be my people and we will be their people"—into an ongoing relationship that is ultimately building lives first and then out of that our own lives are built more in Jesus.  

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The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself thru


Galatians 5:6

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110 W Normal St
Kirksville, MO 63501

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